Sign up to co-host an event below. All first-time co-hosts will have to first pass a screening to join the program. Once you’re in, you can request commission spots for any booster event.

I'm attending the event myself, can I still be a Booster?

Absolutely!! Learning is more fun with friends and mutual support. Help your friend out by inviting them to relevant events and if they end up using the tools, your commission will offset your own cost.

What if my invitees don't buy anything?

That’s perfectly okay! Our goal is to offer as much value and support for attendees as possible in the free workshops. The products and services we share during the workshops are tools for business owners to consider. Depending on their unique situations, they may or may not have a need for a specific tool. The information contained in the workshop should be useful to them regardless.

What are Booster Events?

Booster Events are any event that pays out a commission to boosters who invite their community. These events pay out a recurring commission for any attendee that starts using a product or service at the end of the workshop.

What are Commission Spots?

To participate in a Booster Event, you have to request a number of spots you would like. This is the max number of people you think will attend. The purpose of this is to help us manage attendees for the events. In most cases, the technology limits the number of people it can support on the platform at one time. You are not obligated to fill all the spots you request.

How do I get paid?

Each event is different. The Booster Portal will tell you upfront the commission rate and recurring payment schedule. You can receive your payments either with Paypal, digital wallet address, or CashApp