Consent & Crew

Consent & Crew is a roleplaying game that helps players familiarize themselves with sociocracy and collective decision-making based on consent. Instead of individualistically declaring their actions, players propose actions that are discussed, amended, and consented to by the whole group using sociocracy

Game Outline

A group of people roleplay as a group of adventurers in a high fantasy setting. The player characters (or PCs) are heroes determined to bring justice, peace, and freedom in a fantastical realm. Being a radically democratic group, all of their actions are methodically debated and agreed upon with sociocracy

The Game Master (or GM) determines all aspects of the imaginary world except for the characters’ actions. The GM directs a story starting from a predefined agenda. The story is a series of dilemmas and challenges the players have to solve together.

The players can also amend the GM decisions following a Sociocratic process

Consent & Crew was adapted from Rules&Robert by Molleindustria (CC-BY-NC4.0)

Game Debut

C&C debuted at the 5th Annual Global Sociocracy Conference on April 27, 2022 with the campaign The Wrong Booty where the adventurers are on a quest to return the Ethically Questionable Treasure to the Wise King

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