Virtual Venue @ Erebus

Hybridize Your IRL Event

Erebus is the only continent on the planet of Chôra that is open to nonresidents from around the universe. It contains 5 main areas: The Office, The Academy, The Playground, The Underbelly, and The Meadow. The citizens of Erebus make up the primary residence of this land where they study and train in infinite play. While most of the space is restricted to Erebans, a few areas in The Playground and The Meadow are zoned for public access. The Erebus world includes the following features and many more:

  • Private zone for your event with unlimited text and video rooms
  • Designate VIP areas and sell passes in the virtual venue
  • Digital wallet for each attendee (supports 200+ cryptocurrencies)
  • Tipping mechanism to support speakers and performers live
  • Built-in minigames to engage your attendees during lull moments
  • Play music from Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud
  • Stream to YouTube and Twitch
  • Live-captioning of audio and video
  • Desktop and Mobile App
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